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Make sure you understand your responsibilities as a unit title owner.

Obey the rules

Owners and tenants must obey the body corporate rules. The default rules are set out in the Unit Titles Regulations. The body corporate can remove, change or add to the default rules.

You should make sure you have the most up-to-date copy of the rules.

Default body corporate rules (Unit Titles Regulations)(external link)
Guide to body corporate rules [PDF, 345 KB]
Setting the body corporate rules

Pay levies

Unit owners pay levies set by the body corporate. Levies are also called fees or contributions and cover general expenses. These could include:

  • insurance
  • cleaning
  • gardening
  • contractor fees
  • maintenance.

The body corporate decides when you must pay your levy and how much this is.

The levy amount for your unit will be in the pre-contract disclosure statement. The seller will provide this before you sign a sale and purchase agreement.

Pay for extra repairs

Some unit owners may need to pay more than others for some repairs if the work:

  • is because an owner or tenant caused the damage
  • benefits some owners more than others
  • is on the parts of the building contained within their unit

Other responsibilities

As a unit owner you must also:

  • meet any legal requirements about the use of your unit
  • maintain your unit so you don’t cause damage to other units

If you want to carry out work that will affect another unit or the common property, you must tell the body corporate. You will need written consent from the body corporate and any affected owners.

If you are renting out your unit, you will also have rights and responsibilities under the Residential Tenancies Act. More information for landlords and tenants is available on the Tenancy Services website.(external link)

Understand your rights

As an owner, you also have rights. These include:

  • attending body corporate meetings
  • voting on matters that affect your unit or common areas
  • standing for election as chair or committee member
  • accessing and sharing the common property
  • the quiet enjoyment of your unit
  • accessing a dispute resolution service
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