There are roles within the body corporate that have extra responsibilities.

Body corporate committee

A body corporate committee is a group elected by members of the body corporate. All committee members must be principal unit owners.

The body corporate can delegate tasks to the committee. They then make decisions by majority vote.

Not all unit title properties have a committee. If there are more than 9 units, the body corporate must form a committee. It can choose not to, but this must be confirmed by special resolution.

A property with 9 units or less doesn’t need a committee. It can decide to set one up by ordinary resolution.

Body corporate chairperson

The body corporate must elect a chair at each annual general meeting. They don’t have to be on the committee but usually are.

The chairperson’s duties include:

  • Preparing agendas and chairing meetings
  • Taking minutes
  • Keeping financial records
  • Signing documents on behalf of the body corporate
  • Maintaining a register of unit owners.

The body corporate can also hire a manager. They would take on some of these tasks on behalf of the body corporate.

The role of the chairperson (Unit Titles Regulations 2011).(external link)

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